About us

We are group of passionate people who aims to support the defense of a free Ukraine. We do this through fundraising activities among members of the “Danes for Ukrainian Independence” and other sources that are sympathetic to this cause. We have collected fund to buy body armor to protect the people defending Ukraine. Recently we collected funds to procure an ambulance, which we stocked with medical, and lifesaving equipment and drove to Ukraine where it will help save human lives. This is only possible through the support provided by average Danes and others who support the cause.

This group supports through providing lifesaving equipment but not offensive items (e.g., weaponry, ammunition etc.). The scope of our work is therefore on preserving life.

This group consists of Danes and other nationalities, and everyone is welcome to join and support. The idea originated among a group of Danes with international relations, friends, roots – hence the name.

We also collect and deliver to Ukraine:

– Medical equipment for running Field hospitals

– Rescue vehicles

– First aid equipment

– Field rations

– Medicine

– Army clothing

– Drones

We are approved by the Danish authorities (indsamlingsnævet) and therefore are obliged to share financial information reviewed by an auditor – pertaining only to how much is collected and how the funds are spent. All donations are anonymous.

We stand together with the Ukrainian citizens who now defend their land.

We seek to make a difference for them and the free world

Projects ongoing and finalized:

– Delivered generous amounts of army clothing, medicine and first aid/medical equipment

– Delivered an ambulance with life savings equipment

– In the process of procuring body armor plates