There are three types of donations:

  • MobilePay
  • Bank transfers
  • Material items

MobilePay donations can be done so to this number:
8380WC – please add text for the project (e.g. “bus”, “ambulance” or “body armor” etc.) you wish to support (or nothing for general support)

Bank transfer – Sparekassen Kronjylland
Regnr.: 6680
Kontonr.: 0018655292

Bank transfer – International transfers
BAN-Kontonummer: DK3466800018655292
BIC-kode: KRONDK22

Material items – Drop-off Points:
Kenneth Elong: Smaragdvej 13, 2730 Herlev. In the carport
Jeanette Brix: Dyremosevej 27, 4450 Jyderup. In the carport.

In need of listed items, but not limited to:

  • Baby food and nappies for those caught in the occupied cities
  • Medicine
  • Military & hunting clothes
  • Bulletproof protection (vests, homes etc)
  • Protective equipment (tactical gloves, tactical binoculars, elbow / knee protection etc)
  • First aid kits & equipment
  • Field rations
  • Powerbanks
  • Water purification tablets & lifestraws
  • Gas masks
  • Drones / Quadcopters